About us



With more than 20 years experience, we have been connecting brands to consumers and leveraging brands from their creation throughout their evolution. Our goal is to help our clients achieve results they desire. We believe in connecting and touching consumers through concepts that are effective and meaningful. We use consumer insight, metrics, and your goals to ensure we develop your brand and have you stand apart from your competition.


We create integrated marketing campaigns that are culturally relevant and that will engage your brand with various channels and custom-designed experiences that will have meaning for both your employees and customers. We believe in the human connection as an invaluable gateway to cultural relevance, customer engagement, product education, and fulfillment of business goals. Global Concepts believes in the power of the integrated marketing campaign.

At Global Concepts our aim is to help you achieve your goals of communication. To meet your business objectives and achieve and maintain a leading market position. In combining our expert knowledge, awareness, and understanding of market communications, creative and concept development, together with our technical ability to develop and deliver state of the art media production. It is our experience and knowledge that allows to develop unique concepts in entertainment and recreation, such as edutainment (education with entertainment) and advertainment (advertising with entertainment). With the use of unique, creative and innovative promotional concepts developed with the needs of the consumer in mind. “because we touch your heart talking to your mind”